Anthemis Startup Seeding Ideas: Home Studio Editing and Conferencing Systems.

David Galbraith
2 min readAug 25, 2020


This is reverse pitch, an idea for a go-to-market opportunity that we think is timely and could grow into a bigger company. We are putting it out there to stimulate discussion, see if anyone is building something related or thinks they can figure out what longer term business this becomes. If you are starting a company that builds on some of these business design ideas, please feel free to contact us at Anthemis: or

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

The story of the internet has largely been about democratizing content creation (e.g. blogging) since it allows for infinite channels and everyone to be a broadcaster.

Now this is happening to film, from Anamorphia to Twitch and in a way that goes beyond the first wave of Youtube and Instagrammers. The trigger was first competitive gamers and now Coronavirus and the massive rise of pro home studios. The price point of the hardware for pro filmmaking has become available to a mass market and there are thousands of people who have become obsessed with their Zoom or home video conferencing setup in a way that will generate lots of insights and expertise.

You could imagine the challenger to the once ubiquitous Polycom office conferencing systems not coming from Google or Facebook’s attempts but from Elgato or a startup which bundles existing commodity hardware and rebrands.

But the gap for a startup platform perhaps may sit between the hardware manufacturers and the distribution platforms, in the publishing software, just like it did for blogging.

The market opportunity is maybe for a SaaS based content creation suite that sits somewhere between Adobe Premiere and the best of the mass consumer smartphone apps and has distribution which has some marketplace element to drive network effects.